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Watch UPSL Playoffs Live On Elevensports And Facebook

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you some of the best matches from across the league.
Published Dec 3, 2021
December 3, 2021 - Los Angeles, CA  – The UPSL playoffs are in full swing across the country. Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you some of the best matches from across the league. We start with a full slate of matches this Saturday. 
Our featured match this weekend is the East Regional Final being played tomorrow night in Baltimore, Maryland between FC Inter Atlantic and Chicago Nation FC. The winner will be the first of four teams to advance to the UPSL National Finals.
All matches will be streamed live on Eleven Sports and Facebook Live.
Saturday’s Match Schedule and (Location):
2pm(EST) / 11:00am(PST)
Florida Premier FC vs Azzurri Storm - (Florida)
3pm(EST) / 12noon(PST)
Atlanta Elephants FC vs Seas Jamaica All Stars FC - (Georgia)
5pm(EST) / 2:00pm(PST)
Lakeland United FC v Naples City FC - (Florida)
8pm(EST) / 5:00pm(PST)
FC Inter Atlantic vs Chicago Nation FC - (Maryland)
Watch stream in English: 
About the United Premier Soccer League
The UPSL was formed in 2011 and currently includes more than 325 teams nationwide. The UPSL is the largest Pro Development League in North America. Each UPSL team is individually owned and operated.
UPSL teams are eligible to participate in the U.S. Open Cup Qualifying Rounds through the league's affiliation with the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) and the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA).
More information about UPSL can be found at www.upsl.com or by following the league on Facebook (www.facebook.com/upslsoccer), Instagram (@upslsoccer) and Twitter (@upslsoccer).
Contact UPSL:
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Utah FC Spider Player Practice Rules.

  • We have the opportunity to practice 2-3 times a week with a game on the weekend. 
  • Your 1st and 2nd practice will give the coach and you the opportunity to practice with the starting team on Fridays. This is to the coaches discretion. 
  • If you miss 1 practice in the week you will have 50% of starting, Subbing the weekend will be determined by the UFCS Admin. 

What will make a player get a Utah FC Spider 2-3 year player contract. 

  • Be Coachable.
  • Follow Instructions.
  • Coming to Practice. 
  • Having a High Standard.
  • Keep your Focus on the field. 
  • Be Responsible to yourself and your team.
  • Be Consistent with your game.
  • Be Spontaneous.
  • How to be a champion without the stress.
  • Finding yourself and knowing You.

FC Spider Standard and Insight Play

  • Exploiting Space in the Opposition Half with a Fast Counter Attack
  • Regaining Possession High Up the Pitch
  • Team Shape and Collective Pressing When Possession is Lost

Practice Examples:

Defending in a 4 v 4 Situation and Quick Transition to 4 v 2 Counter Attack

High Press and Fast Transition to Attack in an 8 v 8 Tactical Game.

Defensive Reactions After Finishing an Attack in a Dynamic Transition Game.

Regaining Possession High Up the Pitch in a 6 Goal Game.

Benefits of signing up to play for Utah FC Spider. 

We seek to add value to you personally and your goals as a soccer player. 

  • We will start developing key money making skills.
  • Ball mastery.
  • Master how to control your passing of the ball on target.
  • Master how to control your heading of the ball on target.
  • Master how to control your running with or without the ball (be where the ball will be before the ball gets there).
  • Master to shoot and score on  target.
  • (1) free kicks 
  • (2) score in open play in 16 box, 18 box, outside the 18 box, to get the ball where you want it. 
  • Master penalty kicks. 
  • Master 1 v 1 situation. 
  • Master your mindset. 
  • Master positioning on the field. 
  • Master time to run and to delay when to shoot the ball to make it count.
  • Master individual roll in a game situation. 
  • Master how and where to receive passing, holding and shielding of the ball.


After our 1st season you will be evaluated and given a score in each field below. These include all mastery skills above. You can earn between 0-10 in each field and must have 25 to move on to Premier. Under 25 will be assigned to Division 1.  

  • How comfortable are you shooting with both feet to find your targets and space between human walls from 21 to 35 feet away from goal.
  • How comfortable are you taking all things into account considering scoring goals, passing and position on the field. 
  • We will pay attention to your decision making, skills, form and making movement on and off the ball.


  • $350 league fees per season. Due by March 15  for Spring season and August 15  for Fall season. 
  • $50 per month training fee due the 1st of every month. $10 Late fee will be added after the 5th. If you haven't paid by 10th then you will be on practice squad only until payment is made.


Tryouts fee $50


Players can apply for player scholarships with UFCS for spring and fall 2022


To qualify for a play scholarship, players or parents must volunteer to help the club. 

  • Social media manager. (Videography, photo, Shot team documentaries)
  • Website manager.
  • Fundraising opportunities.
  • Find a sponsorship for the team.
  • Grant writing for the team. 
  • Team media announcements/ interviewer. (Team Journalist)
  • Team captain.