Utah FC Spider


Utah FC Spider Player Practice Rules.

  • We have the opportunity to practice 2-3 times a week with a game on the weekend. 
  • Your 1st and 2nd practice will give the coach and you the opportunity to practice with the starting team on Fridays. This is to the coaches discretion. 
  • If you miss 1 practice in the week you will have 50% of starting, Subbing the weekend will be determined by the UFCS Admin. 

What will make a player get a Utah FC Spider 2-3 year player contract. 

  • Be Coachable.
  • Follow Instructions.
  • Coming to Practice. 
  • Having a High Standard.
  • Keep your Focus on the field. 
  • Be Responsible to yourself and your team.
  • Be Consistent with your game.
  • Be Spontaneous.
  • How to be a champion without the stress.
  • Finding yourself and knowing You.

FC Spider Standard and Insight Play

  • Exploiting Space in the Opposition Half with a Fast Counter Attack
  • Regaining Possession High Up the Pitch
  • Team Shape and Collective Pressing When Possession is Lost

Practice Examples:

Defending in a 4 v 4 Situation and Quick Transition to 4 v 2 Counter Attack

High Press and Fast Transition to Attack in an 8 v 8 Tactical Game.

Defensive Reactions After Finishing an Attack in a Dynamic Transition Game.

Regaining Possession High Up the Pitch in a 6 Goal Game.

Benefits of signing up to play for Utah FC Spider. 

We seek to add value to you personally and your goals as a soccer player. 

  • We will start developing key money making skills.
  • Ball mastery.
  • Master how to control your passing of the ball on target.
  • Master how to control your heading of the ball on target.
  • Master how to control your running with or without the ball (be where the ball will be before the ball gets there).
  • Master to shoot and score on  target.
  • (1) free kicks 
  • (2) score in open play in 16 box, 18 box, outside the 18 box, to get the ball where you want it. 
  • Master penalty kicks. 
  • Master 1 v 1 situation. 
  • Master your mindset. 
  • Master positioning on the field. 
  • Master time to run and to delay when to shoot the ball to make it count.
  • Master individual roll in a game situation. 
  • Master how and where to receive passing, holding and shielding of the ball.


After our 1st season you will be evaluated and given a score in each field below. These include all mastery skills above. You can earn between 0-10 in each field and must have 25 to move on to Premier. Under 25 will be assigned to Division 1.  

  • How comfortable are you shooting with both feet to find your targets and space between human walls from 21 to 35 feet away from goal.
  • How comfortable are you taking all things into account considering scoring goals, passing and position on the field. 
  • We will pay attention to your decision making, skills, form and making movement on and off the ball.


  • $350 league fees per season. Due by March 15  for Spring season and August 15  for Fall season. 
  • $50 per month training fee due the 1st of every month. $10 Late fee will be added after the 5th. If you haven't paid by 10th then you will be on practice squad only until payment is made.


Tryouts fee $50


Players can apply for player scholarships with UFCS for spring and fall 2022


To qualify for a play scholarship, players or parents must volunteer to help the club. 

  • Social media manager. (Videography, photo, Shot team documentaries)
  • Website manager.
  • Fundraising opportunities.
  • Find a sponsorship for the team.
  • Grant writing for the team. 
  • Team media announcements/ interviewer. (Team Journalist)
  • Team captain. 
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